Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Ostroumova -Labedev

A special approach of Ostroumova to the image of a monument or sculpture in the landscape environment contained a conscious desire to exclude dissonance between them and create a poetic image of a place. Thanks to the rhythm of trees, shadows, sculptures, the corner of the transparent autumn garden, seen by the eyes of the artist, turned into a melody of creation. This work was probably one of the dealers of the Ostroumova-Labedeva herself, as evidenced by the fact that the artist repeated her in 1942 in the form of one of the four blockade cards for the “Open Letters” series to the front. Tamara Chudinovskaya // A. P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva-artist and collector. SPb, 2016. WITH. 33.

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