Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Burliuk

In 1907, the artist returned to Russia. Young Russian art, “languished” in anticipation of an extraordinary personality, capable of organizing and leading an advanced art society, Burliuku most approached the role of such a “Messiah”. His thoughts about the creative association, which would promote new national art, led to the creation in 1908. futuristic group “Gileya”. The artist becomes one of the leaders of the literary and art avant-garde, and his works are exhibited at most of the first exhibitions of “New Art”.

The painting “Field”, with all the uncomplicity of the plot, used to Burliuk by many artists, gives out his love for the post -impressionists and Van Gogh and, of course, contains a deep philosophical subtext. Behind the external statics of the monumental composition hides huge internal power, energy.

Earth and the sky are two wide colored stripes, and on their border – a thin strip of forest – that’s the whole plot. The low line of the horizon, two color relations, not a single vertical – and the triumphant flesh of the earth unfolds in front of the viewer, endless and endless, which the artist reveals with his brush, exposing its essence. Inexorably advancing earth almost displaces the sky. Widely and pastively written, these elements, confronting and reflecting in each other, make up a single whole like the soul and body, divine and human principles.

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