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The artist is Malevich

From the autobiographical notes of Malevich, it is known that he attributed the beginning of his creative activity by 1898 and declared himself self -taught. But from that time until 1907, when the first, confirmed by documents took place, the exposition of his work, he sought to receive, if not complete, then sufficient, professional education.

In Kyiv, where he was born, Malevich attended a drawing school. Having moved to Moscow in 1904, he was engaged in one of the private art studios, gazed intently into new trends in European art and consistently mastered various artistic concepts.

The earliest conscious, serious passion of Malevich is impressionism. In 1904, in a collection of Moscow collector Stepan Schukin Malevich, he saw Claude’s canvases with the views of the Rouen Cathedral. This moment, called by him a “great event”, the artist never forgot. “For the first time I saw the luminous reflections of the blue sky,” he recalled, – written in pure juicy tones. After that I became an impressionist “.

The Landscape, written in 1906, was made in a pointer manner based on a letter with separate strokes of pure paint in the form of dots that are applied to the canvas in the calculation of their optical mixing in the eye of the spectator. A fleeting look at the work captures only the color of the color spots, and only with a more careful viewing of the form they take familiar outlines, develop in an understandable image, not contradicting the artistic task – to convey the plot through color relations.

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