Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Kandinsky

"George" belongs to the very beginning of the abstract period in the work of the master. Impetus to the appearance of the option "St. George" There could be icons or Russian basts that Kandinsky collected. In the chosen motive of the artist, the artist was not worried about the naturalistic conflicts of the battle, but his own emotional atmosphere, stress of the duel, pathos and the joy of victory. He reaches the composition itself, the development of its musical "dramaturgy". In the chaos of expressive color spots filling the canvas, the outlines of the rocks, figures of the princess and the horseman amazing the dragon are still distinguished. Giving birth to associations, these recognizable details enrich the image, enhance its multi -meaning. But as the sounds of music, freed from the shackles of objectivity, combinations and contrasts of color spots in this work already convey the spiritual and spiritual state of its creator.

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