Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Kandinsky

Sketch “Pictures with a white border” (1913, museum with. R. Guuggenheima, New York, USA).

The composition with a white border characterizes the early period of Vasily Kandinsky. The original picturesque system called by the master by this time, named by abstraction, found her mature implementation in it. This picture, as well as the entire “absolute painting” of the Kandinsky 1910s, is characterized by cosmicity, interest in the mystical secret of birth and the death of worlds. The author used here the favorite motive of the “explosion” of forms. Reinforced with sonorous color contrasts, arcs, sharp and gear forms, he informs the image of a charge of violent energy. As the sounds of music, plastic, freed from shaking shackles, pierced by the dynamics of forms, tense color convey spiritual impulses – mood, ideas, revelations of the author. The creation of works for the artist was an act of fixing his insights. This work reflected a foreboding by Kandinsky of the upcoming world disasters.

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