Wednesday 24th April 2024

Artist – Lancer

Lancer, perhaps, like none of the myriskuns, was in love with the beauty of old Petersburg. Painting „Petersburg at the beginning of the 18th century “is one of the best works of the artist written on a historical theme. Lancer depicted the corner of the Vasilievsky Island. Perpendicularly the Neva runs into the depths of the building of the twelve colleges. In the distance you can see a few one -story houses and masts of the ships envelope. The city lives a everyday business life. The gloomy sky and the rolling gray waves create a special emotional atmosphere of constant tension and struggle, so corresponding to the general idea of ​​the Petrine Time. Pavel Klimov // Diaghilev and his era. SPb, 2001. WITH. 105.

One of the historical compositions of the artist. A really existing building (the building of the twelve colleges) gives an impetus to the creative imagination of the master. And now the rowers in the boat are still rabing the oars, swimming to the Vasilyevsky Island, the piercing winds blow, the dark Neva splashes heavily. Contrary to the elements, a new city is created, a new capital. The era of energetic active people came.

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