Saturday 18th May 2024

The artist is Kandinsky

Sketch for the picture "Home on the mountain". 1909 (private meeting, New York)

In the fall of 1908, a new stage begins in Kandinsky’s work. Together with Gabril Munter, at the invitation of Alexei Yavlevsky and Marianna Verevkina, he lives in Murnau, in a small village in Bavarian Alps, 50 kilometers from Munich. The works of the artist of these years testify to acquaintance with the works of French Fovists, seen by him shortly before in Paris. "Summer landscape", Like others, written in Murnau, is distinguished by increased color activity, which is not a similarity with nature, but a reflection of the artist’s emotion. It corresponds to the known approximation of volumes and contours, which tend to be completely independent of the natural motive, then to greater freedom, which preceded the Candine origin of abstract compositions.

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