Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Somov

Highly appreciated the painting of French Rococo, an excellent stylist to. Somov created his own world. Fantasies and reality, life and theater, the present and century have been intertwined in it. 3a peculiar paintings contemporaries called the artist "singer rainbow and kisses", And in the history of art, the glory of the virtuoso of genre retrospections was forever entrenched in him forever. Somov’s canvas permeates light irony and nostalgically bright sadness at past cloudless times. In the corner of the gloomy forest froze in the arms of a couple in love. Silence, peace surrounds happy people. A few steps from them a small meadow, lit by the sun, as if echoes this quiet human joy. In the choice of the technique of picturesque writing, the master follows the style of artists of the past, working with small merging strokes forming a smooth enamel surface. Somov pays much attention to the forefront, filled with young shoots of green Christmas trees, each needle of which is carefully written out by the master. The viewer feels the smell and coolness of a warm summer day, rejoicing in an unusual fabulous vision.

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