Tuesday 23rd July 2024

The artist is Filonov

Composition "Man and woman" – one of many interpretations of biblical and gospel plots in the work of. Filonova. The desire to combine everyday and eternal forces him to turn to the form of a picturesque parable, where the facets of the hidden meaning of the image are outside the visible and require active interaction with our consciousness. "Man and woman" – This motive is repeated many times by the artist, however, more often in the graphics. Details of the image (first of all, this refers to the background of the picture) remain constant, which gives the right to suspect the artist in using the compositional canon of the living icon. A man and a woman in the picture are depicted with an exaggerated grotesque, the apocalyptic nature of the images is obvious. The canvas is aggressive in color and the manner of execution, and stopping the viewer of the flow of paint, according to experts, involuntarily associated with blood streams mixed with mud. Modern Adam and Eve at p. Filonova – the embodiment of the corrupted spirit of civilization of the twentieth century. Unity and harmony in its images are opposed to destructiveness. It is not known when a sharp distrust of life was born in the soul of the artist, but he was destined to see the dual nature of all phenomena, when the beauty was accompanied by ugliness, good – evil, and death – death – death.

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