Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Gerasimov

If for the artists of the avant-garde the 1910s were time „storms and onslaught “, then for their peer Gerasimov, in the future of the classic of Soviet painting, it was a period of searching for his place on the way of traditions. His young man from the province was worried about the pathos of the art of the Wanderers, their topics still seemed relevant to him. At the same time, the former student of Arkhipov and Korovin liked the moderate impressionism of the masters of the Union of Russian Artists. Most often he wrote what he knew and loved – his native Tambov region with her small towns and endless steppe roads. In the pre -revolutionary years, an important role in the interpretation of Gerasimov’s motives of the Russian province was played by images of horses. In the frose -shaped canvas „The carpet “depicts a monotonous and powerful stream of supply, in the light of the first star returning to the village. The young artist gave a new life to the motive once taken as the basis of classical paintings

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