Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Filonov

The work was presented by the Russian museum of the artist Evdokia Glebova. A picturesque canvas representing troika during Shrovetide looks festive-light. The specific motive was used to demonstrate the flood of being shown through unchanging entities. Like masters of archaic art or modern philonists, he conveys this movement through the multiplication of silhouettes of motionless figures. As in the rest of the artist’s works, there is a feeling of deep visionary anxiety embodied in the images of male shoes looking for protection from her friends sitting nearby, although in general, a life-affirming mood has a linen.

Main character "Shrovetide" -Kucher-peasant with the face of a thinker emitting light is interpreted in the style of popular pictures. It seems to be his eyes the festivities are seen. The charioteer runs horses and all nature, as if being "Sample for managing the universe", so similar to the human world.

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