Tuesday 23rd July 2024

The artist is Benoit

Daphne is an ancient plant deity entering the circle of Apollo, having lost its independence and becoming an attribute of God. Dryads – Women’s Spirits of Trees.

The love story of Apollo and Daphne is told by Ovidia. Daphne gave the floor to preserve chastity and remain celibated. Apollo, who harassed the love of beautiful nymphs, caused her horror. Through the blinding beauty, she saw in him ferocity.
– Why are you running from me, nymph? He shouted, trying to catch up with her. – I am not a robber! Not a wild shepherd! I am Apollo, son of Zeus! Stop!
Daphne prayed for help, and the gods turned Daphne into a laurel tree. Apollo hugged a beautiful laurel in vain, but then made it a sacred plant and decorated his head with a wreath woven from laurel branches. The Homerian anthem reports the divination from the tree itself. At the festival of a daphniforia in Thebes carried laurel branches.
In the process of rethinking reality, which is so characteristic of artists of unification "World of Art", A. N. Benois addresses not only plots from French or Russian history, but in some cases, and to ancient mythology. The composition created by the artist with Apollo playing Kifar, surrounded by the nymphs and satires, completely reflects the aesthetic principles of the author.
Publi Ovid Nazon (lat. Publius Ovidius Naso; 43 years BC. E – 17 or 18 years. e.) – an ancient Roman poet, famous for love elements and two poems – "Metamorphoses" And "The art of love".

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