Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Kuindzhi

Kuindzhi was highly characterized by a reverent attitude to nature, whose inner life he sought as deeply as possible and or rather comprehend. The works of later years with particular clarity reveal the uniqueness of the philosophical perception of the artist, whose romanticism is not belonging to the direction, but the originality of understanding of nature. Special expressiveness and sometimes extraordinary originality of the color scheme, bold generalizations of forms, compositional finds allow you to see the forerunner of the new landscape direction of the twentieth century in the Quinji and put the best from his works in a row with the outstanding achievements of the Russian landscape.

In 1886, the artist acquired a large section in Crimea near Simeiz, descending to the shore of the sea with a beautiful rock Uzun-Tash and spent many months there annually. The museum collection has dozens of studies dedicated to the southern nature close to him in spirit. Among them, landscapes are distinguished, where the emotional perception of reality, combined with attentive field observations, received an expressive solution in purely picturesque categories.

Irina Shuvalova. Kuindzhi in the Russian Museum // Arkhip Kuindzhi. SPb, 2010. WITH.17.

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