Friday 21st June 2024

Artist – le

Two paintings by Mikhail Le Dante, who came to the Russian Museum from the Assembly of the Museum of Artistic Culture, are the most characteristic examples of his handwriting, reflecting, using the artist’s own expression, "the desire for the organicity of a picturesque whole". Having entirely fitting into the channel of the unprimitivism of the 1910s, his works indicate the influence of a wide variety of sources, including a provincial sign (including the signs of the Tiflis perfumes that Le Danta collected), Lubok, Old Russian icon painting, and on the other hand, the painting of Cesanne whose paintings, as Le Dantu wrote, "will always be a school of painters". At the same time, the special dynamism characteristic of its compositions had a significant impact on the formation of the style of Russian futurism, to which the artist himself paid tribute in his later works.

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