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Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

One of the most famous early works of the master. The artist devoted a picture of the memory of Mikhail Vrubel and Valentin Serov, calling her a peculiar "funeral march". In the process of working on the creation of the canvas, Petrov-Vodkin wrote: "Today I had the idea of ​​colors of the picture: it should be bright and simple". The artist derives a concise and slender picturesque formula, completely based on the rhythm and plastic of forms, filling it with hidden allegories and symbols. In the style of works, the reminiscences of the art of Henri Matisse are guessed. Petrov-Vodkin could see his “dance” in the Schukin collection in Moscow. Shortly before the creation of the picture, in 1910, the artist worked on frescoes for the cathedral of Vasily Zlatovekhoy in Ovruch, one of the plots of which was associated with the biblical images of Cain and Abel. Projecting the biblical plot to the present, Petrov-Vodkin decides the scene of monumentally generalized, and you do not immediately notice the stone in the hand of one of the heroes.

As close to him a. Matisse and f. Kholer, he sought to express the means of painting (color, rhythm of lines and forms) of such general categories as "old age", "youth", "Love". But unlike his Western contemporaries, the artist solves the problems that excites him in the line of neoclassicism. In the canvas, the principles of an individual philosophical and artistic system developed by the artist are logically implemented, the elements of which were a spherical perspective and "Three -flowers", "Planetary" Visions as a means "fortifications" image, comprehension of the meaning of earthly being. Thanks to these tricks, the master managed to convey in his abstract picture poetry and tension, timidity, loneliness and an irresistible desire to overcome their.

„Boys “are, as it were, the search for a purely abstracted question about rhythm, about movement, color” (from the transcript of the performance on the creative evening to. WITH. Petrova-Vodkin in Mossha May 25, 1933)

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