Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Sapunov

The artist was formed as a creative person at a time when the foundations of new aesthetic principles were laid. He experienced the impact of the aesthetics of the “world of art” and quickly came to neopimitivism, a sharp grotesque, becoming one of the largest figures of the Russian treasurer. In a tense situation of transitional time among the artistic intelligentsia, a special theatrical sense of the world developed. The artist developed a special type of “picture of the performance”, a picturesque action that exposes the illusoryness of art as a colorful and fragile shell of an ominous chaos. "It may be, ”wrote A.Efros, that future generations will cross out the art of these years. But if only they want to get closer and understand what seduced us once in him, then, then, I think, the path through Sapunov will be the shortest, and the sapuns will be the keyboard that will open the door to the stalled gardens of aesthetics". In the festive decorativeness of Sapunov art, with a pronounced author’s attitude to the world in a symbolic form, a pulse of time is embodied. Already in the early, impressionistic things of Sapunov, his talent for the colorist, representative appeared „thirsting beauty of generation “, experiencing the Korovinsky influence. And interest in the genre of still life also arose under the influence of Korovin.

In the last two years of the life of sapunes, it creates a series of beautiful mysterious "blue still lifes", which have a special attractive strength and depth of emotional influence. They created the image of an exalted ideal being, in which the bifurcated, rebellious, sore soul of the artist found reassurance. He achieved such perfection and emotional saturation in the transmission of blue, in which the feeling came true „secret secrets “, a sense of touching „elements alien, transcendental “. In still life, the frozen world of things living according to their own laws is captured, everything in it seems to compete with nature and natural harmony. Located on the table, still life, as if it has no support point. Beauty, inflamed over vanity and reality, can disappear at any moment – one of the postulates of the philosophy of symbolism reflected in this. Famous art critic A. Efros noted that Sapunov’s painting in these works "began to testify to such a breakdown of life that one cannot get rid of the impression that an artist, with a hasty brush, groaning images on a picture, moaned under the weight of his experiences".

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