Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Mashkov

Having perceived the experience of Cezanne, the Bunovtsy sought to see beauty in the very surface of the canvas, in a colorful mess. They appreciated the additional possibilities of paint not only as a color carrier, but as a certain material substance with their own expressive means. Interest in the subject, in volume, blocked by color and colorful “test”, for three -dimensional form – all this made the most popular genre in the work of “Diamonds” of the “Diamond Valets” still life.
The lifes of the Bunovtovtsev differ from the previous samples of this genre, first of all, by the selection and location of objects. So, in the “still life with grapes”, Ilya Mashkov does not appear in front of the viewer, the “uncleaned table” appears, but the heap of the same type of products – apples, drain, pears, grapes. It becomes important not the unity of objects and space, but the very flesh of things, pleasing to the painter with its colorfulness, a wealth of forms, a variety of textures, which allows to “savor” both the object and the paint that is sculpting it.

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