Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Rozanova

Olga Rozanova, Olrosis, as her contemporaries called her, is one of the brightest representatives of the Russian avant -garde. In her work, all the stages were concentrated that new Russian painting from late impressionism to Suprematism passed in its formation. Rozanova’s work was formed under the influence of the intellectual environment that surrounded her. She was closely connected with artists and poets to. Malevich, a. Rodchenko, p. Filonov, c. Mayakovsky, c. Khlebnikov, who determined, at that time, extremely new ideas in art.
As a member of the art association of the St. Petersburg avant -garde “Soyuz Youth”, Rozanova exhibited her work at Moscow exhibitions “Diamond Valeta”. Critics contemporary artist noted her special gift from the colorist, who appeared with the greatest force in the cycle of still lifes of the first half of the 1910s.

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