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The artist is Nikitin

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The state of safety before restoration:

The picture entered the restoration without a subframe consisting of two separate equal

parts. The picture fell into the museum in a divided state, however, the nature of damage to painting along the joint of the parts indicates that the picture was painted by the author on a sewing canvas, and was cut later in the process of being in existence. There was a vertical breakthrough in the right panel, with the loss of a colorful layer along its edges, loss also had along the central seam and the edges of the picture. Fractures of a colorful layer of soil origin are developed in various parts of the picture. The most noticeable defect that distorted the author’s flavor of the picture was the cover layer on the surface of the painting: the protective film was very darkened, had a dirty gray muddy color. As a chemical analysis has shown, this is an author’s wax coating-“gluten”, which was used for a short time by Russian artists at the end of the 19th-early twentieth century to give oil painting a matte mural surface surface. Having absorbed a lot of dirt, this film has become practically irreversible from time to time, since the protein that is part of it denatured (decomposed).

Complex of the events:

During the restoration process, parts of the canvas were attached along the old seam and duplicated to the new canvas. The breakthrough is embedded. The picture is stretched on a made subframe. Of particular difficulty was the removal of gray cover film from the author’s painting. The optimal technique was developed. Cleaning was carried out in two stages: first with a solution of alkali, then with a hot solution of the enzyme. The remnants of the dirty film got mechanically with a scalpel under a binocular magnifier. As a result, the author’s painting was significantly highlighted, the author’s flavor and tone of painting were manifested.

All losses of the colorful layer were tinted with oil paints on the supplied soil. The picture is covered with a thin protective layer of damage varnish by spraying.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. WITH. 138.

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