Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Goncharova

If Larionov turns to urban fine folklore, then Goncharova attracts, first of all, peasant and ancient Russian art, in which the artist felt the presence of a deep folk foundation and at the same time a large universal content.
Unlike most young artists of their generations, who preferred upless genres – still life and landscape – Goncharova, not afraid of reproaches in literature, even in “movement”, addresses one of the traditional and most serious topics in domestic art. Nevertheless, it allows this topic far from a traditional way.
The images of the peasant women in the picture of Goncharova “Baba” are performed by heavy, primitive power. If in the Larionic “genres” is always noticeable irony or self -irony, then Goncharova’s work is impressive, first of all, by the genuine depth of experience and outrun passion. It “cleanses” the plot of household details, enhances the visibility of a gesture that acquires a symbolic, even sacred completeness. The figures seem to freeze in an predetermined action – and this action is transformed into a certain timeless ceremony. Goncharova’s “women” resemble not so much the Tula peasants as the steppe nomads with their sharp and at the same time expressive “animal” plastic.

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