Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Burliuk

The horse was "hero" early creativity of the d. Burliuka, constantly accompanied his painting in evolution from neo -Preimitivism to futurism. The horse is not connected with the traditional images of Russian songs and ballads, with the poetry of the triples. Like his like -minded people "Giley", the artist attracted to the horses the natural, wild, free and spontaneous beginning. It was associated with the idea of ​​the great archaic steppe civilization of the Scythians that once existed in the Black Sea region. "Horse-Molniya" – One of those paintings with which the bold experimenter and fighter with stereotypes in thinking shutted the Russian audience. The image of the horse brought to a peculiar formula is turned off by him from the real course of life (it resembles a conventionly written blue tree) and placed on the environment of color planes. Taken in whimsical combinations, sometimes intersecting, they cause the illusion of depths and light -air vibration.

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