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The artist is Filonov

"Feast of kings" belongs to the famous work cycle of Filonov "Input into world flowering", consisting, presumably, out of 22 works. One of the masterpieces of the artist, "Feast of kings" The best characterizes the origins of the origin of the idea "world heyday": Filonov seeks to realize the idea of ​​the lost harmony of being in the picture. The plot of the picture, although this concept in relation to all Filonov’s paintings is quite conditional, is inspired by the artist’s anti -ruble mood, fear of the growing anti -humanism of modern society.

Painting "Feast of kings" created a year before the start of the First World War. Contemporaries took her as a certain prophecy. The poet Velimir Khlebnikov took the canvas as “… a feast of corpses, a feast of revenge. The dead people were majestic and importantly ate vegetables illuminated by such a ray of the month by rabies in sorrow. “. The scene depicted is like a vision of the Apocalypse. Researchers of Filonov’s work often brought a comparison with "Feast of Herod", And one of the students of the artist called "Feast of kings" demonic processing "Secret Party".

The images created by the brush of Filonov is emphasized grotesque – ominous grin, cold and darkness, gaping from empty eye sockets, fascinatingly solemn gestures of bone hands. The whole scene is like a vision of the Apocalypse-immersed in a dusk, it is lit only by a surge of blood-red reflections. A large canvas from afar shines and beckons with its colors, and the closer you come to it, the more clearly the gloomy figures that inspire horror appear from this radiance. Monsters sitting in chairs similar to coffins. Full of painful malice (or evil flour), they perform a ritual feast. Illuminated by gold-red and white flashes of hellish flame, glowing on a black background like a stained-glass window, appear not so much as victims as demonic tops of human destinies or, speaking the language of Filonov himself, “the devils of the massacre of reinforced concrete”.

The manner in which the picture is painted is directly not comparable with any of the current trends is too wide the range of traditions that are able to rethink the philos. "Feast of kings", As, however, all the works of Filonov proves the secondary admission to the plan, which explains the absolute unpredictability of his picturesque handwriting. The picture became the most vivid creative embodiment of the foreboding of future events.

“Feast of Kings” is a metaphor of the bourgeoisie of all countries that untie the destructive wars. By the way, before the Second World War, in 1936, when they came to Filonov’s workshop to check the artist’s work for their ideological loyalty, his wife, Ekaterina Serebryakova, quickly realized how to save the “feast of kings”: “I say: here they are all here Here: Hitler, Chamberlain, Mussolini and all the fascists of the world … “.
Serebryakova was right – written even before the outbreak of the First World War, the “feast of kings” – one of the few paintings by artists of the Russian avant -garde – not only new and unexpected by a picturesque decision. This work of the plot echoes the impending tragedy of 1914 and causes indirect associations with other wars.

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