Saturday 18th May 2024

The artist is Malevich

In the film “Composition with the Jaconde (partial eclipse)” Malevich, as if confirming his departure from the classics and the exit to the space of new realism, reproduces the famous leonardo da Vinci canvas, which “partially overshadow” geometric planes and volumes that move in space and volumes. According to the story of Malevich himself, a cigarette was glued to the lips of the Jaconda, lost over time. This sign detail, of course, also determined the artist’s ironic attitude to the masterpiece.Black and white rectangles accompanying the symbol of the Renaissance era, in this sense, as it were, arise, if not flush with it, then they are not inferior to it in significance. Indeed, they immediately attract attention and in context are perceived by the same masterpieces, if not more than the Jaconde itself, crossed out by red.

“Partial Eclipse”-the author’s inscription visible under the colorful layer-as if justifies the courage and audacity of the artist, who had a little crazy under the influence of natural cataclysm. As the newspapers of those years testify, in 1914, approximately when Malevich wrote a “composition with the Jaconda”, an eclipse of the sun was really noted. But such an inscription, of course, was not applied by the author only for the sake of fixing this natural phenomenon. “Partial Eclipse” is a comic compromise of the artist in relations with the audience. Having created such a work as the “composition with the Jaconda” Malevich was internally ready to go beyond “practical realism”: “I destroyed the horizon ring left the circle of things. And things disappeared like smoke “..

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