Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Korovin

In all Korovin canvases, that vital impulse and breathing of painting, that is a rare ability to speak the language of the object, in the language of flowers and herbs, which are given only a few – those who were born an impressionist, and not just became it. The iconic signs of impressionism – light valernicity, separate smear, colored shadows, fragmentation – are present in Korovinsky work. Crimea occupied a separate place in the work of this painter. During the 1910-1917, the artist lived for a long time in the country in Gurzuf, which he built on his own project. Here he often wrote his favorite roses, which in abundance grew on the site. Korovinsky still lifes are part of the sun filled with a sense of life and the grace of the seaside landscape. The artist knew how and loved to catch a moment and easily and freely reproduce him. The vibration of color spots, the intensity of the open smear created a picturesque trembling of air on the canvas.

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