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The artist is Serov

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The state of safety before restoration:

The picture traditionally part of the constant exposure of painting of the late XIX – Faced XX centuries., entered the restoration in connection with the preparation of the exhibition in. Serov in the Russian Museum and further – in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The picture is a composition for the plot from the Odyssey Homer (song 6). Two more images with a similar plot are, respectively, in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery (cardboard, gouache, 83.5×101.5cm, 1910.) and the State Russian Museum (cardboard, tempera, 49.5×65 cm, 1910, INV. No. 4289). All three options for the picture “Odysseus and Nazi”, made in 1910., meet the neoclassical ideal of exalted harmony and perfect form. They are distinguished by timelessness, solemnity and nobility of the restrained color, close to ancient Greek stenophores.

Mounted under glass in a metal frame, a picture stretched over a subframe, had significant phaldical vertical deformations. After defrolling the picture from the frame, it was found: the image was made on paper by a tempor and watercolor with separate registrations of the pastel; In some areas, the author’s preparatory pattern is visible with graphite. Paper duplicated on a thin canvas. The lower and upper edges with author’s painting were bent on the back of the subframe (upper edge – 15cm; lower – 17cm). Along the upper and lower edges, almost complete decoration of the paper base and canvas occurred; Significant mechanical damage occurred from stretching to the subframe to the subframe: Basket breaks, breaks; from nails – holes with dilapidated edges. Foci of folking, as well as the absence of some nails, caused uneven stresses when stretching the picture to the subframe – multidirectional deformations of the foundation were observed

In the center of the upper edge there were two significant losses of the foundation: 4 and 6 sq. cm; The left lower corner was lost 4.5×4.5 cm.

The paper base on the image of the sky is significantly yellowed, contaminated; There were separate point spots (traces of insects), dust pollution, mild stucks, scuffs and scratches. In the upper left corner, a section of significant linear scuffs (washing) – traces of copyrights were observed.

Information about the time of duplication of the picture on the canvas, followed by a stretch on the subframe,. Judging by the absence of a colorful layer on the edges of the canvas, duplication of the picture on the canvas occurred after creating the image.

Since the process of folking, which began along the edges, could progress to the center, it was proposed to make a complete decoration of the exhibit. It was also necessary to eliminate mechanical damage to paper along the edges (strengthening breaks and fractures, replenishing loss, etc.).

By the decision of the restoration commission, the need was approved to straighten the upper and lower edges of the base with the background image bent on the back.

Complex of the activities:

During the restoration process, declining (removal of dubbing canvas is mechanically), followed by cleaning the back of the glue residues; strengthening of fragments and breaks of the paper base; replenishment of the loss of the paper base on the lower and upper edges deployed to the original size; general strengthening and plasticization of the paper base; Duplication of the exhibit on Japanese paper followed by duplication on a thin fine -grained canvas. Technical restoration ended with a stretch on a new subframe corresponding to the new size of the picture.

The picturesque surface is cleaned of contaminants, separate small areas of craquel paste painting are strengthened. Automated losses of the foundations, significant scuffs and loss of a colorful layer in gaps and breaks are tinted. By decision of the restoration commission, a section of scuffs and copyright fit in the upper left corner is tinted while maintaining traces of copyrights.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. WITH. 164-165.

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