Friday 21st June 2024

The artist is Falk

In the still life of Robert Falk, the desire to free the painting from literature, the desire to return the ability to use only her own means of influencing the viewer – color and plastic. The essence of painting, according to the artist, lies in the “plastic event”, and not in the story of a specific phenomenon of life. Therefore, Falk was especially close to Cezann, who knew how to find plastic equivalent to any subject of image.
Picturesque realism – this is the basis of still life. Accepting the experience of Cezanne, Falk seeks to simplify the form, make it easily readable, elastic, sign, and at the same time, preserve the textured materiality of the depicted objects. As a gourmet, the artist “reasons” full -blooding, “tangibility” of juicy fruits, admires the intense color and plastic beauty of powerfully wiped volumes of draperies, exquisite severity of the planes of the copper jug. Written in line with the “dormitory” concept, still life has the qualities that distinguish the unique personality of the Falkovskoye picturesque manner – isolation, chamberness, richness and subtlety of coloristic relations.

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