Wednesday 24th April 2024

The artist is Milioti

From an early age of Milioti, having experienced a passion for painting in. E. Borisov-Musatov and the poetry of the symbolists, constantly gravitated to the motives of ancient mythology. In the “Birth of Venus” canvas, the artist sharply interprets the ancient legend sharply. The girl-girl is depicted among the pristine nature, surrounded by whirlwinds of water and air, in the radiance of light, when all living things-birds, fish, people-glorify its appearance. The idea of ​​”eternal spring and life” is subordinated to the exquisite, musically sounding pearl-pink flavor of the canvas. The work in a peculiar way reflected in neoclassical tendencies, the dream of the “golden eyelid” of mankind, regret about the beauty and miracles that have forever disappeared from real life of people.

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