Saturday 18th May 2024

The artist is Alexandrov

With the name of Stepan Razin, many legends were connected by the people. According to one of them, returning from the Persian campaign, he played a wedding on the Volga with a captive beauty of the princess. Confused by the reproaches of friends who considered that now his wife took their place in the soul of the chieftain, Razin threw the princess into the waves of a mighty river. This story formed the basis of the popular folk song of the late XIX century “because of the island for the Strezhen”, composed of verses. M. Sadovnikova. For her motives in 1908, even the first Russian film “Ponyzovaya freemen” was delivered. The work of Alexandrov, written by a wide, sweeping brush, is the original sketch of the picture of 1912 “Stenka Razin (Song)”, located in a private meeting (Czech Republic). (WITH. TO.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 152.

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