Introduction to Partida Corona Medical Center

A full service family clinic, Corona Medical Center has grown to become a national leader in providing quality medical services to their patients. Established in 1979, the center prides itself on offering its patients a “high-quality, low cost” health care clinic. A full service family practice, all services are provided by highly trained professionals who provide personal, compassionate care to all of their patients. There are four doctors who serve the entire community of Corona Medical Center. All four doctors have had years of experience in internal medicine, radiology, family practice, and general surgery. The full service clinics offer a full range of primary care, specialty procedures, preventive care, and hospital services. Checkout Partida Corona Medical Center for more info.

The average patient has thirty-three visits to the Corona Medical Center in one year. This equates to one surgeon every eleven hours. There are five doctors who perform all of the office visits including general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, heart surgeries, and cardiothoracic surgery. The office space is large and the rooms have separate beds for patients. The hospital rooms are equally comfortable and spacious and include two beds, two sitting areas, and a fully equipped kitchenette.

A full service family practice medical center offers competitive prices on the same quality medical services that it’s famous for. This is reflected in the Corona Medical Center’s six star rating. The hospital room rate at this facility is two hundred and ten dollars per day. Room rates start at one hundred and fifty dollars a day.