Eaton’s Beach Catering company- A review

For over 60 years, Eaton’s Beach has been serving you the finest seafood in Louisiana, specializing in gourmet fresh fish and shellfish preparation. Come in and experience an authentic Cajun kitchen, or sit back and relax on the deck while watching the beautiful fireworks display. Relaxation is a main focus of this exquisite restaurant, because it is situated just steps from Lake Monroe. Seating reservations are generally available on a first come basis only.
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Choose from a variety of featured appetizers, ranging from our delicious Creole Chicken Wings to our delectable seafood and lobster dishes. Relax on the beach and enjoy live entertainment nightly, and the hours of beautiful entertainment that flow into the evening are an experience to behold. Relaxed, traditional beachfront eatery with a large deck, relaxed beachside picnic tables, and occasional live entertainment.

With two full-service restaurants, guests will be treated to exotic Caribbean cuisine from beginning to end. Live music and entertainment round out the experience as guests mingle on the patio and listen to live music played by live bands and karaoke. On cooler nights, sit back with a cold drink and watch the fireworks display, which typically happens nightly after dark. If you are planning a vacation to Lake Monroe, chances are you have already checked out the terrific restaurants owned and managed by The Eaton’s Beach Catering company.