All about Nerc CIP compliance

One way to ensure the reliable operation of power systems is through Nerc CIP compliance. A Nerc CIP compliant system can be a very complex system, involving many operational components and performing numerous functions. In order for the system to have a high level of operational reliability, it must comply with the current regulations set forth by the U.S. Federal Electricity Control Act (FEC) and related State Implementing Consumer Protection Act (ICOIA). According to the FTC, all regulated electric companies are required to provide services that meet certain minimum levels of reliability and performance. One aspect of Nerc CIP compliance involves Nerve, Distribution, Common System Objective (CSO) and Non-Residential Service (NRS) parts. All parts of a Nerc CIP compliant system must be tested and certified before they can be sold or installed. more info here

Compliance with Nerc CIP Standards is necessary for all regulated electricity suppliers in North America. These Nerc CIP compliance standards apply to all bulk power distributors within the states of North America as well as to non-regulated entities. All Nerc CIP compliant wholesale electricity suppliers within the states of North America as well as to non-regulated entities must have a written performance assessment conducted that assesses the reliability of the electrical grid. This assessment is performed by a team of qualified and experienced individuals who are employed in the field of communications, voltage, current and voltage fluctuations, manufacturing processes as well as supply chain management. If a supplier fails to pass this inspection, it will be required to undergo corrective measures and then continue to perform its operations in accordance with all Nerc CIP compliance specifications.

In order to receive certification from the Nerc CIP compliance program, all regulated electric companies and NICE bulk power systems manufacturers must first successfully pass an inspection. Once they pass this inspection, it is also necessary to undergo independent testing in order to verify the quality of their equipment and maintain adequate levels of supervision and performance control. By successfully passing the inspection, the regulated power systems manufacturers and/or suppliers are then certified by NICE to participate in the program and meet all of the stringent and mandatory CIP compliance requirements. Consumers will not be able to obtain the services that they need from these power distributors if they are unable to pass the Nerc CIP Compliance test. Without passing this test, these types of energy providers are not considered reliable and therefore consumers will experience increased reliability when it comes to their energy needs.